Gin and tonic tropical with Kinross Gin by Teichenné

Gin and tonic tropical made with Kinross Gin Tropic

gin and tonic tropical is prepared by our collaborator Manu Llorens. Discover the taste of Kinross Gin Tropic, is a Triple distilled gin, made from rectified cereal alcohol in which juniper is macerated and distilled in combination with different botanicals and tropical fruits, principally lemon, mango and grapefruit. A highly aromatic gin in which predominates the combination of tropical fruits. Is perfect to prepare a tropical gin and tonic and enjoy the summer. #TropicalExperience

How to make gin and tonic tropical

The video show us how to make gin and tonic tropical using Kinross gin, grapefruit liqueur Teichenné and tonic water.

Recipe gin and tonic

  • 4cl Kinross Gin Tropical&Exotic Fruits
  • 1cl grapefruit liqueur Teichenné
  • 20cl tonic water

Garnish: Dehydrated pineapple and dehydrated grapefruit.
How to serve gin and tonic: serve in a balloon glass and lots of ice.

Awarded gin:Bronze medal in Melbourne International Spirits Competition (2016) #TropicalExperience #TheGenuine
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