Gin L’Arbre: The new mediterranean Gin by Teichenné

Gin L’Arbre: Gin made from Mediterranean botanicals

Gin L’Arbre is the new mediterranean Gin. Artisanal Gin made from Mediterranean botanicals. London Dry Gin.

“In the depths of our contrast-rich lands, from the high peaks of the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean Sea there is a generous, fertile and unique landscape. The essence of our land and the traces left in it by its Mare Nostrum civilisations have been reflected in Gin L’Arbre. A Mediterranean gin made following an artisanal distillation process in copper stills, a long family tradition.”

Manu Llorens prepares us a gintonic, with crio-bitter and dehydrated touches, a citrus and fresh note that gives us the yuzu and the herbal note of the basil that accompanies the gin. The tonic, Schweppes touch of lime,  leaves the leading role to the gin and gives us the perfect carbon. Leaving a clean drink, with a slice of dehydrated grapefruit.

– To aromatize the glass with fresh basil
– scratch the yuzu to give freshness
– 5 drops of crio-bitter of grapefruit and vanilla.
– garnish: dehydrated grapefruit.

Un gin&tonic limpio, fresco. #PerfectServe