Buttermint toffee Teichenné cocktail

Level Gin Reserve

Buttermint Toffee

Buttermint Toffee – Teichenné cocktail by Pepe Orts

Buttermint Toffee cocktail – Our partner Pepe Orts prepares us the cocktail Buttermint Toffee. This cocktail combines the butter and sugar flavors that the Schnapps Butterscotch gives us, with the freshness of Level Gin Reserve and the acid of the lemon juice, seasoned with the aroma of fresh mint. The result is sweet, and with aroma and flavor of butter, but without being cloying. Gin and lemon give the necessary balance to a mid-afternoon cocktail, perfect for spring / summer.


  • 1cl sugar syrup
  • 1,5cl natural lemon juice
  • 2cl schnapps Butterscotch
  • 4cl Level Gin Reserve
  • top of Ginger Ale

Preparation of Buttermint Toffee: Shake all the ingredients (With crushed ice) except the Ginger Ale and agitate until cooling. We pour the contents into a Mason Jar glass where we have previously introduced a slice of lemon, and add more ice to fill the glass. Top of Ginger Ale and garnish with sprig of mint.

Before serving, flame the toffee caramel. By burning the sugar of the toffee caramel, it will produce an exquisite aroma of melted butter with caramelized sugar.

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